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First Independent Spatial Film on Apple Vision Pro! Download Now and Immerse Yourself!

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We shot the 1st film in Spatial Video format on Apple Vision Pro: 👈 Download now!
We also make this 3D spatial video trailer of Docle Mia available to download for free. Get it here:

Step into the immersive world of Dolce Mia like never before! Following the debut of our Dolce Mia VR180 Film on Meta Quest TV ( Spotlight #1 on Valentine’s Day ), YouTube VR, and Apple Vision Pro, we’re thrilled to unveil the Spatial Video edition of this captivating experience.

In this latest rendition, we’ve meticulously re-crafted the 3D depth to evoke the enchanting essence of “hazy memories,” all while maintaining our signature vintage film aesthetic. Prepare to be transported to a realm where every scene pulsates with life and emotion, inviting you to delve deeper into the narrative.

Exclusive to Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 (v63 or above firmware), our Spatial Video version offers a truly unparalleled journey. Leveraging MV-HEVC technology, we harness the power of local Vision Pro hardware acceleration for seamless playback and real-time 3D parallax calculations. The result? A breathtaking 4K quality per eye that rivals even the 8K VR180 version on Moon Player, if not surpasses it, thanks to the immersive parallax interactivity.

To fully immerse yourself in the subtle nuances of Dolce Mia’s dynamic world, simply click the immersive button and enter immersive mode on your native Apple Vision Play media player. Prepare to witness the magic unfold before your very eyes like never before.

The full film is only available to our Patreon supporters. Your subscription is 100% going back into our production budget for our next VR film. We want to make better content for you. The reality is that we can only go so far without funding before we go completely broke. So, support your favorite immersive filmmakers to make more films for you!

If you have not already, check out the 3D VR180 version of the film here on YouTube VR or Meta Quest TV:
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