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Fortnite Galactus Season Finale Event Devourer of Worlds Live Stream Best View I Like Ya Cut G Meme

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Start Chapter 2 Season 5 with this Fortnite Galactus Season Finale Event Devourer of Worlds Chapter 2 Season 4 taken from my Live Stream. Let’s Hope Season 6 is this good.
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Did you drive the Battle Bus to Astroworld listening to AC/DC Demon Fire debut? Catch all fish except #40 still Midas Flopper? Finale Reaction Ninja Typical Gamer SypherPK Fresh MrBeast LazerBeam Lachian Reacts Exotic Storm Boom Sniper Rifle
Thanks for Watching. If you want to see more pre-event footage, watch my live stream recording.
I edited the clip to remove AC/DC Demon Fire song for copyright claim – It was a cool animation but the song was meh.
Join Speed711 & watch as we wait on Season 5 Battle Pass Mandalorian and the Child Pet said to be continued in Season 5 after another Galactus Zero Point season ender. The Galactus skin was leaked just days ahead of the Fortnite Galactus live event on December 1, data-miners have leaked a highly anticipated Galactus skin without spoiling event details Best 3D 360 Degree View. Are you ready for Season 5 Leaks? Unlock Season 5 Secret Skins?
New POI bosses
Cosmos Zero Point Crystal Desert
Nightmare Boss Stealthy Stronghold
Ruckus Hydro 16
Bud the mushroom returns
Balloons might return
Fortnite Galactus Set to Arrive in Nexus War Finale Live Event. Is that the Devourer of Worlds on the horizon? Chapter 2 Season 4 Galactus arrives in a one-time only Nexus War finale live event December 1 2020 at 1pm PT 4pm ET as Galactus is closing in on the Island & the fate of all Reality lies in the balance.
Log in at least 60 minutes prior to the start of events The Device The End. The event playlist should be up 30 minutes prior to the start time. The Fortnite team has said that it has taken measures to ensure more people can attend the event but it is still recommended that players arrive early. It is also mentioned that players will be able to take advantage of Fortnite new integration with House Party to video chat with friends in-game if you are playing on iPhone Fix iPad Pro PC PlayStation 4 PS4 PlayStation 5 PS5 Xbox
This Fortnite Marvel Crossover themed season has seen such characters as Iron Man Thor Storm Doctor Doom She-Hulk Mystique Groot & Wolverine be added to the game as skins alongside other easter eggs, weapons, and more. Even though this live event is being built up to be a finale event for the Nexus War Fortnite still has many years of Marvel integration planned beyond this current season. Galactus the Devourer of Worlds has been approaching Fortnite island & his unavoidable arrival is finally nigh. In a one-time-only live Season 4 Nexus War finale on December 1 Marvel world-eater & Epic Games player base will collide. While fans currently know that the gigantic, cosmic entity is making his way to the Island & that something will be happening on the aforementioned date at 4 pm ET few details are available.
Data miners leaked Galactus skin doesn’t seem massive but spooky similar to teased images of a gargantuan, shadowy Galactus shared by Epic. Jet black & red the skin features regal villainous armor bookended by chunky boots & a massive helmet. Eagle-eyed fans might even notice a particularly smug smile sitting across the infamous villain purple face. It remains uncertain if this skin will be available for purchase & if so when it will be. But leakers like @ximton have discovered files indicating it could be part of a bundle. Still in order to save fans from leaks data miners have remained largely quiet about specific event details. Read more: Did The Rock get a Fortnite skin?
Fortnite Galactus event leaks surfaced showing Galactus teasing the possibilities of a major battle between Marvel heroes & the cosmic world-eater. Epic Games have tried to keep things on the low only confirming that the fate of all Reality lies in the balance. Fortnite Season 5 leaked black hole could save the game. Finale event begins Tuesday exact duration unknown. Epic have advised players to download the latest update 14.60 and HouseParty which is integrated with Fortnite to allow for live video chat. For all leaks details and news about the event follow along with the dedicated Galactus info hub
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Unlock all Season 5 Edit Styles
Sapphire Style: Level 110
Topaz Style: Level 160
Zero Point Style: Level 205

Sapphire 120
Topaz 170
Zero Point 210

Sapphire 130
Topaz 180
Zero Point 215

Sapphire 140
Topaz 190
Zero Point 220

Sapphire 150
Topaz 200
Zero Point Style Level 225

God Level 300


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