How To Become a Secret Agent in I Expect You To Die 2 VR!

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• I absolutely loved the first I Expect You To Die, but today we are going back into the universe of spies!
Part 2 of I Expect You to Die will continue the story, where you as a spy need to save the world again.

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OGGoose420 says:

7:20 😂😂

Der Irre says:

Hey Buddy 🙂

Ace Kitty says:

The spain flag in the cake, Didnt you land in lisbon? thats portugal not spain lol

Bob Kelso says:

the glases is the best on the box xDDDD

doppler apples says:

Very tricky questions lol This was a great video to watch. Good stuff MERP

Ronaldo Guimarães says:

"Yes, Great sucess!" Lmao, nice

Switch says:

But what was in the box???😆

Aurora Passenger #00FU says:

Definitely want to see way more of this Merp!

Russell Jr. says:

This game is awesome MERP!!! Thank you!!!

edy maier says:

Assisti uns vídeos seu no facebook e se escrivi aqui salve do Brasil hehehe

SpiderNateGaming says:

Best vr YouTuber ever awesome video brother 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

AwkwardGamerRN says:

Ugly Agent Merp in: The Spy with Dry Nuts

“This summer…One man, one mission…T-bag the enemy. For country.”

pill tegi says:

weird thumbnail… but nice video

Esther de Bruin says:

You’re funny 😆 🥰🤍

Rick von Wick says:

Leuke vid haha, btw mooie tattoo op je arm man! Je vrouw?

Izural21 says:

Another AWESOME Video ma duuuude! Good job!

Queen BunnyWrabbit says:

How can anyone dislike your videos merp your a fucking legend keep up the awesome work 🤗🥰

giuseppe capodivento says:

amazing stuff MERP 007 yeah less gooo

Ardiana Micani says:

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂 i only laughed bro i can't anymore 😂😂 oh Merp you're so funny you could've been a comedian! Hahah<3 and you do that funny voice i remember you playing kim kardashian vr you know with club fight. You:" I don't wanna mess with you man (*punch*) ah loook man i know karate jiu-jitsu shut upp and that one when you did to her with electrical and at the end you said "suk my nuts yeah" hahahaha love ya man! All the best bye have a great day ❤

A.L. Terre Blanche says:

Merp give us more vids and more merp GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

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