MythBusters: Sharks Everywhere! (360 Video)

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MythBuster Adam Savage takes you underwater and face-to-face with a shiver of sharks.

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Dominic Ford says:

2:52 pause and look around, what is that striped fish near the engine looking thing

Midori Gurin says:


Kelly Bryan says:

But it was pretty good

Kelly Bryan says:

I screamed so loud

Kate MARSHALL says:

I found the shark

Noah Majerus says:

Swimming with the sharks.

SHRIMpi Ikaw says:

So beautiful I love it🥰

Keisha raquel Bakunawa says:

do.more fo tez

Julius Ayo says:

It’s so cool

Melissa Christensen says:

It looks great

Adnun Sabab Arnab says:

Watched 3 times straight but couldn’t find joker. Had to come down to the comments. Poor me.

yamiled duran says:

es muy increible lo que la realidad aumentada puede hacer, me encanto el video

moon bing says:

There's too many I can't count

xXfortenight godsXx says:

Pause it at 2:36 and look around. You can see the joker

Johnian Melana says:

it's so cool oooooooooooooooooooooooo

Chanelle Lopez says:

Omg so cool!!!!

Luc Stadler says:

Hey ! Great Vidéo it's amazing and very realistick… ! what model of camera did you use to film with this quality ?

That Annoying Guy You Know says:

Wait, doesn’t certain vr like psvr support YouTube? Doesn’t that mean.. 360 videos..
in vr..


Darkdrifter5 says:

WOW dis is cool

Emoji #1 says:

If you look straight up you see a plank thing at 4:34

Nakyderp says:

I found the joker

peanut butter says:

I hate sharks I passedout

tackle talk says:

What is in bittom

It’s Cora! says:

Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun


LokisRisa says:

Fond da joker

Kelly Mues says:

it's a lot scaryer more intense and a lot more enjoyable without the cage their are so many thaughts racing through your head as you look all around you your heart is racing but your thinking this is so cool at the same time

Ariel's Mind says:

Dun dun💀💀💀

Larissa Rourke says:

This is awesome

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