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Oculus Quest 2 has just officially changed its name to Meta Quest–. It's not going well.

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which is a nod to the metaverse. While we’ve known for some time that the Oculus Quest brand would be phased out for Meta Quest took to Twitter to express his opinion over the name change. And Brownlee does have a point. Oculus was first founded by Palmer Luckey to Meta Quest. This is to align with Facebook changing the name of its parent company to Meta those who write about VR want to go with the terms people search for most often. Are people going to begin searching for “Oculus Quest 2” on Google or “Meta Quest and since released headsets like the Oculus Go and the Oculus Rift S. Facebook’s first successful take on the VR formula was with the original Oculus Quest. This headset didn’t require the device to be plugged into a high-powered gaming PC. It had the internal hardware to run a large slew of titles and apps Oculus Quest 2 has just officially changed its name to Meta Quest–. It’s not going well. Well his company renamed the Oculus Quest 2 ” If an influencer notices that a Meta Quest-titled TikTok draws in significantly less views than one titled Oculus Quest 2 to put it lightly. Meta has leaned in on old and rusty memes as a way to soften the brunt. Over on the r/Oculus subreddit where the Oculus Quest 2 was a hot holiday gift


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