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Pinocchio (1940) – The Message from the Blue Fairy

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Once Pinocchio and Jiminy pull themselves out of the sea after they return to the mainland, they start to head to Geppetto’s workshop. When they arrive there and knock on the door, however, there is no answer. Jiminy looks in the window to see if Geppetto’s asleep, but he is not on the bed and so are Figaro and Cleo. Pinocchio and Jiminy then sit down on the small staircase and wait for Geppetto, Figaro, and Cleo to return. Pinocchio worries that something awful might happen to Geppetto while searching for him, but Jiminy comforts him and states that he probably has not gone too far. As soon as Jiminy finishes his words, the Blue Fairy in the shape of a dove delivers an important message that she is holding with her beak to Pinocchio and Jiminy. After the message drops in front of them, Jiminy starts to read it. Pinocchio is curious about what the message is about, so Jiminy says that it’s about his father. As Jiminy is reading the message, he is shocked to hear that Geppetto, Figaro, and Cleo are swallowed by Monstro. Pinocchio is shocked by the message as well, but he is determined to find his father under the sea. Therefore, he sprints to the cliff out of the village. Jiminy tries to stop him, but he runs too fast, so he cannot catch him.


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