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Reacting and Laughing to the videos YOU sent #46

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We react and laugh to the videos you have sent! Join us as we have some great laughs to the videos you sent in on the streams!

To send in your react and laugh video it’s done on Twitch – https://twitch.tv/Nagzz21

Volvo Photobomb – https://youtu.be/wYhOhJm7Njg
Mantis Shrimp vs Crab – https://youtu.be/8enojiJCD00
Battle at Kruger – https://youtu.be/LU8DDYz68kM
Jump King Episode – https://youtu.be/NMuiZnDNk68
Paired Greatsword Meta – https://youtu.be/E1uM7XjPL9U
Speak Italian like a True Brooklynite – https://youtu.be/G-0z0zKNWc0
It’s Pronounced GIF – https://youtu.be/Nrk8sqZfsgI

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