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Reacting and Laughing to VTUBER clips YOU sent #11

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We react and laugh to the funny vtuber clips YOU sent me. Join us as we laugh to some of the funny moments these wonderful vtubers provide!

To submit a Vtuber clip you can do it on Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/nagzz21

Haruka TTS – https://youtu.be/-4H_GQpb97I
Mumei is Pregnant – https://youtu.be/goSOEZ4FK6s
Botan Battlefield Compilation – https://youtu.be/ObqQkC2mTuI
Don’t Watch This on Speakers – https://youtu.be/Sh9LRqltTIE
Rosemi Encounters NTR – https://youtu.be/G7k2845pq38

•Watch More react and laugh – https://www.youtube.com/nagzz
•Discord – https://discord.gg/nagzz
•Twitter – https://twitter.com/nagzz21
•Reddit – https://reddit.com/r/nagzz21

•Edited by Profit Lemon – https://twitter.com/Profit_Lemon

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