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Reacting and Laughing to VTUBER clips YOU sent #18

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We react and laugh to the funny vtuber clips YOU sent me. Join us as we laugh to some of the funny moments these wonderful vtubers provide!

To submit a Vtuber clip you can do it on Twitch –

Bunny fell for it –
Anny Out of Context –
Water Break –
Rap Battle –
Calli Says Yabai English –
Basically Nagzz –
Haruka Kent Song –
Finana Spits in Millies Mouth –
Haachama and the EN Minecraft Server –
Subaru Yagoo Impression –
Hololive Members Going to the Bathroom –

Family Friendly Uno Game –

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Kori says:

Machukai clips 🙏🙏

Rhine no akuma says:

4:20 rap

Aries90 says:

If you think Nijisanji en is lewd you should see nijisanji jp is even leweder espcially the queen of Nijisanji Tsukino Mito

Haru_01 says:

Oh man! I'm so ready when Nagz will do discover videos on the Niji streamers! It's gona be so fun

Dead Shrimp says:

Bunny: whats futa

Nagzz: run for your life

CityXV says:

We definitely need mor Kanauru animation reactions.

Low Grade Translator says:

Imma be honest with you naggz. You should make a discovers video with the chat as your guide. Trust me

Shirou Emiya says:

Not the first time I watch a streamer pretend to be a top.

Anyone[Professional Vtuber Barber] says:


Aiden says:

When i saw "TF" in Anny's name, first thing came to my mind is "The F***". 😅

Wolken Katz says:

Nagz on Haachama's English: "Her English is incredible though!"
However, for someone who spent her last 3 years of high school in an English speaking country, it could/should be a lot better (although she did just go there for kangaroos and koalas).

Zeus Cliff says:

Nagzz react with finana thumbnail = instant click

MainGoldDragon says:

Nagzz experiencing Kanauru's godly quality !!

Rail | KFP Railroad Conductor says:

Why does Bunny IRL seem familiar to me…where do I know her from

TrojanSalesmen says:

hololive are semi edgy and can troll very well.. Nijisanji just start out at 200mph and do SHARP TURNS ONLY

faceful ace says:

Side note for the new niji en, mysta rias = mysterious (bc he's a detective) not sure if chat has pointed it out yet.

Zaron Gibson says:

Nina's the best. Seriously I would wife her.

supremepanda says:

Kanauru and 2ManySnacks have some of the best hololive fan animations I’ve seen.

Sergio says:

Nice seeing a Mao clip. Now you just need some Chii-chan.

Mukti says:

I see Matsukai I Click.

Salty Lemonz says:

I vote for Haachama all the way. No way that doesn't slap.

Manav Jani says:

About time nagzz does a Nijisanji discovers I think.

Differently_Sane says:

nagYou fricken couch pee-er

IcenMeteor says:

Oh man Niji is crazy, the EN girls are seiso in comparison to JP. They have a group that reviewed an actual offbrand game, the stream's still up, they also did one where they imitated uh, offbrand… positions? yeah that one got dusted out of existance. Also Mito, their oldest member, once got a stream taken down a few minutes after starting because some skin showed in the game she was playing, and her reaction was pretty insane, hope we'll see that clip here sometime in the future.

Phil T Kaswahl says:

Twitch Chat is best cohost, even though sometimes they can be the worst lol

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