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Reacting to POPPY PLAYTIME 360 VR

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Hola mate. 🙂
We meet again fellow viewer 👀
Tysm for one sub in less than an hour 😭😭😭❤️
Tysm @Yun-Yun for subscribing I really appreciate it mate 🥰❤️✨
I actually made a thumbnail this time so don’t worry guys-😌💅✨
So recently I’ve seen some of my fav youtubers play this game
But I only watched the beginning so I found a video that was the other half of the game that I didn’t see so I thought it would be perfect 🤩
But I really wish I knew what was coming because I actually screamed my head off while recording this 🚶🏻‍♀️
Once again didn’t get a copyright so that’s good 🤠
Huggy wuggy needs some floss-💀
I was disgusted seeing them teeth for the first time 🤢
He also made me angry because HE WOULD LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE-👁👄👁💢
End my suffering-🤩
Nice conversation with ya mate, put #reaction for a shoutout 😌💅✨
Ciao 😘💅✨


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