Scooby Doo Spooky Roller Coaster Lights On POV Warner Bros Movie World Australia

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robloxgamerOMG says:

i love this coaster

LIU /looney is umbreakable says:

I’m not Australian and haven’t been to Australia but I really wanna go and this is one of the reasons, my childhood favourite show in a rollercoaster.

RiseAsTheDawn - says:

i thought this was a boring kids ride.

cart turns around to go backwards…. i lost it

RiseAsTheDawn - says:

i accidentally forgot my hat on that ride

boon78 boon78 says:

Those girl behind I would have enjoy my ride if my father wont keep saying woah woah woah woah woah woah woah

Anastasia Clark says:

My sister got stuck on this ride the other day with my cousin all under the age of 13 they were fine so it was pretty funny

KB says:

Wtf happened to this ride? It used to be pitch black with lights flashing everywhere and you didn’t know you were dropping backwards until it happened. They should have left it how it was!

D& A12 says:

The end is like a punch in the gut

I will Eat Your Friends says:

Ahh yes, when the Scooby-Doo Coaster had really good animatronics, when it was filled with light and no god damn annoying projectors.

breaks my heart man,

Cr0y says:

I closed my eyes the first time when I was on this ride on the second time the green screen broke lol

Willy Has Big Beans says:

Anyone remember this ride on the big lez show?

ElixirLiquid1 says:

all of these reviews would be better without that HORRIBLE childish screeaming while going around turns. Ruins every video!

connor bradshaw says:

Anyone here from the big let show?

madPOGZgamin says:

they have made it completley dark now

madPOGZgamin says:

americans annoy me

danger_fox 99 says:

This ride is so bad
it supposted to be for childrens

Horse Lover 439 says:

Anyone here in 2020

Paul Britt says:

Lol when I first went on this, the guy getting the people on the ride said that the backwards part lasted 3 to 4 seconds, but it lasted like 10 seconds!

Julia I says:

When I went in this ride it went much faster than that

Summer Henderson says:

i love this ride it was so fun my brother droped something and he was stuk in there for 5 mins

and that’s what you missed on glee says:

scooby dooby doo where the fuck are youuu
we’ve got some work to doooo now

Skunk Man says:

3:10 that’s the ritual circle from the movie

HSL says:

Big Lez anyone?

Chubby Panda says:

I went on this ride earlier this year, I saw a girl crying at the end of the ride and I was like “its gonna be scary sh*t”

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