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Virtual Twins: Augmented Reality Exploration • Step into the world of digital twins through the lens of augmented reality. Discover the future of technology in this immersive experience. 00:00 • Introduction – Exploring Digital Twins [More]
🏠🚀 Step into the future of housekeeping with our innovative YouTube Short! Witness how augmented reality (AR) is revolutionizing cleaning, making it not just efficient, but also visually satisfying. Watch as the vacuum leaves behind [More]
merchandise tshirt AR dari band Blackstone Boredom. gambar pada kaos ini dapat bergerak dan mengeluarkan lagu pada saat di scan dengan app artivive. karena kaos ini memiliki teknologi augmented reality yang tersemat. kontak WA 08813611066 [More]
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To help revolutionize the way students learn, we’re partnering with Inspirit to bring immersive AR learning technology to classrooms. With custom-built Lenses from Camera Kit and support from researchers at Stanford University’s Human Interaction Lab, [More]