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merchandise tshirt AR dari band Blackstone Boredom. gambar pada kaos ini dapat bergerak dan mengeluarkan lagu pada saat di scan dengan app artivive. karena kaos ini memiliki teknologi augmented reality yang tersemat. kontak WA 08813611066 [More]
#RollerCoaster #vr #360 #LEGO LEGO city Roller coaster Best VR VIDEO 360 Virtual Reality Video. My video produced 3D modeling and VR animation using the Blender 3D. In this VR video, you can tour on [More]
Mapped 4 years ago by Awagi – Map Link: Another round of thanks for my subscribers! I hope watching me inspires you to move in this game in such a way that sparks [More]
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#Idaho4 #DutyRon #BryanKohberger Buy Ed Wallace and DutyRon a coffee here Do you want to support DutyRon and Ed Wallace? Here is the PayPal Donation Link Bryan Kohberger 1122 King Road Virtual Reality [More]
This is the best use case I’ve found for Quest 3 Mixed Reality. I’m playing Dungeons and Dragons in Mixed Reality with my Quest 3 thanks to DND Beyond. This is definitely better than having [More]
To help revolutionize the way students learn, we’re partnering with Inspirit to bring immersive AR learning technology to classrooms. With custom-built Lenses from Camera Kit and support from researchers at Stanford University’s Human Interaction Lab, [More]
#trainspotting #class69locomotive #freighttrains A quick pass in virtual reality 360 of 66774 69008 66794 passing through Doncaster railway station.