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The Blue Mountain Day Streaming of Queen Nanny Virtual Festival

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There’s nothing more beautiful or valuable than celebrating our legendary queen. Jamaica and the rest of the world sees queen Nanny as a creature of intellect, a soul worthy of invocation.
Out of love and respect for all that she was and is, we don’t stop singing.
May we rejoice together for her providence is sure to carry us through. To proclaim of her wonder and legacy through reggae music is the calling of musicians and we are all set to do it in style.
HEEC- (Health, Education, Environment and culture) as such is part of queen nanny’s project that aims to raise funds to build schools and community centers.
Projects that help empower women and girls are in the pipeline.
Singing songs of pure wonder women who is part and parcel of nation building is our battle cry to elevate/uplift women and inspire them to unleash their virtues and superpower, to make this world a better place.
Together, let’s triumph!


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