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UE4/UE5 Hanged Bear Mini Game – Change Hanged Bear Images, Clues Amount & Points Per Puzzle

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UE4/UE5 Hanged Bear Mini Game – Change Hanged Bear Images, Clues Amount & Points Per Puzzle
In this tutorial, the buyer will learn how to change the default hanged images and add their own as well as how to change the amount of clues the player has and the amount of points each word to guess has.

Compatible Engine Versions: UE 4.25 to 4.27, UE 5 to 5.1

You can buy this asset here (links to Epic Games Marketplace and Gumroad found there)

Video Tutorial Playlist:


Video Overview Timeline
0:00 Intro and Hanged Bear Images
0:23 DC22 Animated Miniseries Promotion (link below)
0:48 Game Template 01 Widget Blueprint
01:06 How to Customize the Hanged Images
03:56 Game Template 02 Widget Blueprint (same process as GT01)
05:13 How to Change Amount of Clue Opportunities
06:01 End Game Widget Blueprint
06:21 How to Change Amount of Points Per Puzzle
07:38 Ending


The bear characters on this product are named Jihye and Sowon from my DC22 Animated Miniseries.
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