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Ugur Sak Keynote – 2021 Virtual World Conference

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The Fuzzy Theory: Debates on Conceptions of Giftedness

The Fuzzy Conception of Giftedness (FCG) posits that conceptions and practices concerning giftedness (e.g., propositions and identification practices) are vague. The Fuzzy Conception of Giftedness itself is vague as well. The two editions of the landmark book Conceptions of Giftedness (Sternberg & Davidson, 1986, 2005) cover over 20 different conceptions of giftedness. Each conception has its own unique vagueness. In this talk, first, I will discuss the vagueness of the concept “giftedness,” with an emphasis on problems related to vagueness in conceptions of giftedness. Then, I will explain the Fuzzy Conception of Giftedness and suggest identification and education practices based on this conception. The FCG is composed of personal dispositions, stimulus conditions, and the between- and within-group interaction of personal dispositions and stimulus conditions. The manifestation of giftedness is situated in the interaction. Therefore, the identification of and education for gifted students are strictly based on interactional models.

Thanks to the Mahony Center at UALR for sponsoring this keynote.


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