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00:07 – Landing in the village
07:45 – Sculpture
08:51 – Climb the mountain
14:30 – Balance walker
15:57 – Downhill ski
16:59 – Shore defence
18:06 – Bow & arrow
19:57 – Fishing
22:00 – Dragon hunt
24:01 – Castle siege
26:02 – Ice giant
27:18 – Axe throwing
28:24 – Wet your whistle
29:35 – Forge the sword
31:09 – Axe sharpening
32:43 – Drummer
33:27 – Take 2 at the main game… let’s see how we did!

The incredible team at VR monkey have remastered the incredible VR game Viking Days for Oculus and its avaliable NOW!
Get it here , here and here …

The ULTIMATE Viking Simulator by VRMonkey is Available NOW on major VR Stores

Now any Virtual Reality (VR) gamer can finally train to be a REAL Nordic Warrior!
Viking Days is a series of mini-games challenges using VR motion controllers to immerse the player in many
daily activities. Designed to be a great party VR game, invite your friends and have fun while they thrive on the
10 unique mechanics to see who can survive more days!
Using the VRMonkey’s years of experience, Viking Days has been designed for maximum intuitive and
comfortable gameplay, even in the most frenetic situations. Players can just put their headsets on and enjoy
the amusement of throwing axes, forging swords, running from giants, etc. The designers of the game are proud
to save precious time with few to no tutorials, claiming that you play the game “as you should”. After beating a
day, you have the chance to play it again, but harder, until your skills get to the limit.
“I was missing a game that was all about having fun, so we did it!”, states Pedro Kayatt, CEO and co-founder of
VRMonkey. “the idea was simple, games are getting more and more complicated, and Virtual Reality is all about
to have things simple, to immerse yourself in another world and just to enjoy this experience.” The concept of
playing the VR games in parties came after seeing how much fun people have not only playing, but also watching
how “crazy” people get when using Virtual Reality.
The game will be released on every major VR platform, from Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go to HTC Vive,
Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. Following a proprietary pipeline VRMonkey was able to bring the same game
from mobile 3DOF VR to high-performance 6DOF VR, adjusting controls to the most suitable experience in each
platform. The team had worked effortless to bring great graphics for even old mobile VR setups, running a fluid
experience with minor visual tweaks from a version to another.
Viking Days mixes the simplicity of Job Simulator with the challenge of WarioWare, with 10 minigames
symbolizing daily activities an immersive fantasy Nordic environment. Viking Days is available starting today
on Oculus Go and GearVR, Oculus’s mobile high quality platform for $3.99 and can be downloaded through:
For more information on Viking Days, be sure to follow VRMonkey on Twitter and Facebook, and visit


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