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VR 360° Experience – Walking In The Forest With Atmospheric Music " No Copyright "

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Good morning and welcome to this short morning walk I had in the forest 28.1 2022.

This is one of the best videos I have made with my camera. I have found that the videos looks better when the sun is not too intense. I will make a lot of videos this year where I hold my camera like this. I will go to Pulpit Rock and Kjerag when the snow has melted. Those places are impressive when the weather is nice.

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Positive Effects of watching Nature True Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is also constantly increasing in popularity. And with the help of virtual reality, you can get closer to nature very quickly. The most rewarding benefit of watching nature’s actually virtual reality is that it boosts your wellbeing. But can virtual nature be a good alternative for the mighty outdoors? The answer to this is “YES.”

You can read more here Virtual Reality here:

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Sincerely Rudi

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