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VR Sculpt – Falling From The Sky – Adobe Medium Art Timelapse

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Medium is a virtual reality sculpting program that comes the closest to ZBrush in a virtual reality sculpting environment right now. With tools like move, inflate, cut, and smooth you can mold the clay in front of you in a virtual reality environment, allowing you to create whatever you want.

Created in Adobe Medium VR.
Rendered in Blender.

Who is Emotionull & Phetta?
24-Year-Old Arizona-based artist Emotionull has been building out a unique world called The Phettaverse. To get to the truth, you have to go to the Phettaverse, a place where the unknown expands and twists, where a dream state of truth and abstract freedom coexist. There are countless realities in the universe, each with its own set of rules. New personalities arrive daily thanks to the opening of portals that reveal ancient magic and alien power.


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