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What To Do When Bored? 10 Best Ways To Take Virtual Tours At Home

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What To Do When Bored? Today in this video, I show you 10 best ways to take virtual tours when you are bored. I bet you guys can do at least 3 of these things on this list!!

Lists of Virtual Tours with useful links:
00:34 #1 Museum Tours:
01:40 #2 National Parks:
02:53 #3 24-Hour Live Feeds:
03:50 #4 Virtual Tours with NASA
Google Poly:
NASA at Home:
05:17 #5 Virtual Adventures:
05:54 #6 Virtual Shows
The Metropolitan Opera:
Royal Opera House:
Sydney Opera House:
Cirque du Soleil:
07:08 #7 Virtual Trips to Theme Parks:
LEGOLAND Florida Resort:
SeaWorld Orlando:
08:16 #8 Virtual Zoos:
Atlanta Zoo:
Houston Zoo:
San Diego Zoo:
09:08 #9 Virtual Aquariums:
Georgia Aquarium:
Monterey Bay Aquarium:
National Aquarium:
09:55 #10 Graffiti Tours:

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