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Yu-Gi-Oh! – Virtual World Deckprofile – DEFEAT THE 2022 META!

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One of the decks people are SLEEPING on!

Try it out! It’s so much fun!


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#YuGiOh #VirualWorld #VW

Intro: 0:00
Main Deck: 3:41
Extra Deck: 5:55
Side Deck: 7:35


Jamie Sharpe says:

No small world?

Matthew Brady says:

I would prefer to establish the Buster Lock with Exa-Beetle, so Forbidden Droplet/Dark Ruler is irrelevant against you. Also Final Sigma instantly beats Flundereeze.

Radu says:

I feel like the extra deck is really tight in vw. I would run Beatrice in the side if it’s only for the token collector play

Grovesy says:

Do you miss Vfd at all ?

Connor Clow says:

im kind in the minority but i prefer prosperity over desires that way you can run 1 nyan and ususally its pretty easy to pick what to banish off prosp.

Burn Strike says:

Why aren't you on Emergency Teleport? It's arguably your best starter. Pair it up with tactics and you have a hand trap magnet that rewards you.

Roltrat says:

VW is a lot better than last format because everyone is running effect negation to counter scythe which obviously helps VW because it means your opponent has more dead cards which could have hurt your plays

Guardna says:

Have you considered siding Gravity Colapse since its pretty free to send Shenshen and get it back the next turn?

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