360 VR: Total Solar Eclipse | Earth From Space – BBC

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For the first time ever, the BBC is taking you into space to enjoy a 360 view of a total solar eclipse. Attached to a weather balloon, you will be embarking on a 50km vertical journey into the stratosphere where you will witness the astonishing sight of totality across the USA. Marvel at the beauty of our planet from a perspective few have had the pleasure of witnessing, before the weather balloon finally bursts and you descend safely back to Earth.

Earth From Space | Series 1 | BBC


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Matt Coffee says:

Felix Baumgartner jumped from 138,000ft, and neil degrasse tyson he wouldnt be able to see the curvature at that height. same height as this. thoughts?


Mother Earth is so beautiful.


So, flat earthers where is the great ice wall???


BBC? same BBC that Jane stanley reported building 7 in New York on 9/11 collapsed half an hour before it did and suddenly lost transmission
That BBC? I dont trust them and I dont trust this ..fish eye lens CGI Fakery

hello says:

one word


Erivelson Luís says:

God only knows

Aishwarya Kumar Singh says:

Really amazing

Pedro Henrique says:

The earth is flat?


at 5:19 why all those scratches on the firmament? I can see the sun clearly. And that isn't dust on the lens…

悦仙女 says:

Are those rubbish just gonna stay there?

k b says:

This is not step by step solar eclipse… Maybe somethink is better if stayed hidden….People wake up.

Verónica Quiñones says:

Mesmerizing ❤


This is not in space. Its very high but still not in space.

Raunak says:

Beat videk i have ever seen

enculeur polyvalent says:

Can i have a music

drown says:

I "Experienced" this in my VR: (Oculus Quest)

It was truly amazing <3

c knott says:

That was amazing! I put this on to relax.

Joseph Tio says:

😲 the gas of the balloon just stayed there

vincentlee says:

This is the most wonderful video I have ever seen.

David Orth says:

Does anyone else get a panicky feeling watching this? It feels like I’m tied to this balloon

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