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Solar eclipse from space | Hyperlapse of eclipse in space at 165,000 feet

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The 2017 total solar eclipse from space filmed on board a high altitude weather balloon. The Great American Eclipse was filmed above Wyoming for the BBC series Earth From Space. We launched a high altitude weather balloon filled with helium to an altitude exceeding 50km, timing the apex of the

flight to coincide with totality.

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Using a series of cameras aligned with nanometre precision, we filmed 360 degrees of footage for three hours from launch. On landing, we stitched the footage together and digitally stabilised the footage frame by frame to artificially lock the viewer perspective on the horizon, cropping down to a traditional 16:9 ratio. Finally, we speed-ramped the footage to create the world’s first hyperlapse of a solar eclipse from space.

Launched alongside NASA experimental flights the space flight lasted around 3hrs in total from launch to landing capturing the eclipse as it traveled across the USA.

For more information about our launch to film a solar eclipse from space, check out our article about the project:

To see the launch and some more amazing moments from the flight in full 360, see the BBC’s video:

Check out our very first 360 hyperlapse here:


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