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The Fuzzy Theory: Debates on Conceptions of Giftedness The Fuzzy Conception of Giftedness (FCG) posits that conceptions and practices concerning giftedness (e.g., propositions and identification practices) are vague. The Fuzzy Conception of Giftedness itself is [More]
Welcome to the exciting world of virtual reality! In this video, we’ll explore the incredible possibilities and applications of this immersive technology. So put on your VR headset and let’s dive in! Virtual reality, or [More]
Not a tutorial, will just be posting progress videos along the way. Thanks For Watching! ——————————— Thanks to kelint for creating the starter kit i am using to build this game. FPSK on the ue4 [More]
J’ai trouvé cet excellent enregistrement de « Da Da Da » sur #Smule :