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Am I a Meta Fanboy Now???? – The Meteor Station Virtual Reality Podcast

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There’s always something going on on the Meteor and in the world of Virtual Reality! There are VR headsets coming out, some cool games to talk about, and some heavy duty VR drama we get into, along with some Thanksgiving-season-style gratitude (blegh!). As always, it’s a fun ride, so hop aboard for another fun episode of the Meteor Station Virtual Reality Podcast!

00:00 Intro and Updates
-Farting Pumpkin
-Using the Fitbit to make movies scarier
-Haunted Houses in VR
03:45 New Headsets Playstation VR and Quest Pro
07:08 Quest AR features and Cubism VR
10:54 Half Life Alyx VR Mod
12:14 Tennis training in VR
14:00 Meta Stock Plunge (Major Layoffs announced)
18:25 Horizon Worlds
21:00 Meteor Updates
23:45 What are you grateful for in VR?
26:10 What attraction would you open in the Metaverse?
31:00 Metaverse Brainstorming

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