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ASMR VR180 (Lying Down) | Best Friend Takes Care Of Your Skin (my actual skincare routine!)

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Gotta love the layered sounds!

About my actual skincare routine:
The products in the video are ones that I actually use. Every person’s skin is different and the products that work for me may not work for you. My skin is on the drier side and is only oily when I wake up in the morning. Scented products make my skin itchy and break out. If this sounds like your skin, I recommend trying the products below!

– Curel Foaming Facial Wash 0:00
(Because soaps can be harsh on my dry skin, I only use this when I am cleaning make up off my face or if I haven’t showered in a couple days. That said, this is a super gentle facial wash.)

– Curel Hydrating Water Essence 4:10
(I apply this every time after I wash my face, two times a day. It’s super light and feels like water)

– Curel Intensive Moisture Facial Cream 6:08
(I use this when the air feels really dry. The moisturizer soothes that prickly dry feeling I have on my skin)

– The Ordinary Buffet Anti-Aging Serum 8:15
(Same as above! I should probably use this more but I get lazy most days and only use the water essence)


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