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I give my Chinese parents a brand new @MetaQuestVR Meta Quest 3 for Christmas and show them the Dolphins VR Film. Her reaction is priceless! #metaquest3 #vr180
Would you like to see 2 minutes of an animated version of myself dancing to The Weekend’s “Blinding Lights”? No? Too late, it already exists. Animated/designed with Cinema 4D and rendered with Redshift renderer. Motion [More]
Gotta love the layered sounds! About my actual skincare routine: The products in the video are ones that I actually use. Every person’s skin is different and the products that work for me may not [More]
Finally back at it after my break following a snowboarding accident! As far as snowboarding accidents go, I got off lucky with just a scar on my face. Now let me treat your scars! _____*File [More]
This is gonna blow your mind 🤯! The new Canon Concept Camera can film 360 video and VR180 video in 8K 30fps and 4K 120fps! It can even do VR livestream. Learn more with us [More]
Experience our ride in a Ford Mustang in the US CAR Show Parade at Movie Park Germany. Filmed in 3D VR180. equipment (affiliate links / Amazon) 360 Cam, Insta360 ONE X2 – Universal Mount, [More]
Another video from our wonderful sponsor, VR WAVE!! I couldn’t find the eye exam poster before filming this video so I improvised with my Pokémon poster instead… _____*File Download*_____ 📁 To see true 8K [More]
Sub Zero faces off against Shirai ryu ninjas out for revenge in our live action VR180 short film! Following on from the events of MK11 experience MORTAL KOMBAT in a way never seen before. Strap [More]