Become A GHOSTBUSTER in VIRTUAL REALITY! | Ghostbusters VR (Oculus Meta Quest 2)

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To celebrate the launch of Ghostbusters: Afterlife we dive back into the Ghostbusters VR movie experience with the Oculus Meta Quest 2. In this short virtual reality game you get to explore the Ghostbusters Firehouse in New York, drive the Ecto 1, use a proton pack and come face to face with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer.

00:00 – Introduction
01:32 – Ghostbusters VR Gameplay
11:49 – Final Thoughts

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game

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Nathie says:

What movie would you like to see getting turned into a VR game?

Diavolo says:

do you have raw data on rec room

wes snipes says:

you better get them traps set up in your house kevin lmao harry and marv will be on the scene soon

Ben Fletcher says:

A good Batman or Spider-Man VR game would be sweet

why_you_lion says:

Can’t be Facebook stole he’s slogan

ZDubya says:

This looks really clunky

Sarazin Saladine says:

Too much cinema you do !

James Thomas says:

Hands down The Matrix

Fuzzy Duo says:

I don't want any movie to be made In VR because its always a cash grab relying on a brand name to sell.

F'ck licensed games, make something original.

Tdugg says:

It's an Oculus Quest 2 made by Meta lol. Just letting you know. Meta is just Facebooks new name.

ZIK CREW says:

Phasmophobia will be better

Teechan says:

Cool VR, I think one thing the VR vision need to be improved is stability. And it will be very very realistic.

Dylen the dragon says:

The purple goo is called ectoplasm

JR Dragon says:

It is based off of the 2016 all female cast ghostbusters film concept by Bill Murray

Thepopcornator says:

It would be great to have a real Ghostbusters VR game. At the very least, they could adapt Ghostbusters: The Video Game into a first-person VR game.

The River in Lego City says:

this game could of been so much more, but the companies decided to do a cheap point and click, if done right with good voice acting, and actual movement/good looking equipment; this could of been a great game

The royal nerfer says:

I don’t like this game you staying in the same place the whole game how are you supposed to Emerson a game where you’re standing in the same place to the whole time

Urko2005 says:

The ONLY Ghostbusters is 1984.

Neil Baldwin says:

not sure about the nostalgia trip with this, as it's not the original ghostbusters car or firehouse, it seems to have a little mix of the old, but not a lot. but it does look fun….

Lone Reviewer says:

If only it was the original equipment and lore fully and not the reboot

Tavis Leaf Glover says:

Great videos thanks, I just got the oculus quest 2 and I'm mind blown! Can you do a video on 2076? It's in the app lab on Oculus Quest 2 and has a free demo that is one of the coolest VR games I've played. I can't find many videos on it though. Thanks, keep up the great content, it's appreciated!

Milvo says:

bro thats so weird i played this randomly yesterday lol

André Moraes says:


Radder Boy says:

Here before that kid starts blessing everyone

Bad Gamer Kat says:

I'd like Harry Potter VR, and also Supernatural. Imagine how cool it would be to fight monsters with Sam and Dean Winchester? Going on road trips with them? So cool, lol.

Mr_Panda06 says:

Jungle cruise. Guess it could be fun

kryten09 says:

Not having this for the native quest 2 is a huge mistake.

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