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Computer GOD, Black Sabbath, Bio-Mechanical SPAZ3PUZZ13, 360, Virtual Reality, EPIC, 4K, ROCK F*CK3R

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A vERY eXtreme Graphic Intense 3D Animation inside the SPAZ3PUZZ13
THIS IS AN ORIGINAL PAINTING, BY: D.F. STAAL, in the end, you have to Find The Door.
The Alien Creature By H.R Giger is Hidden here, On what time frame is this, there is also a white Rabbit, an Angel, a Woman in Black, and Tons of Art, every Frame is different, no looping took me 12 hours to render in 4K.

The audio might be replaced, by Youtube’s selection of royal free Music
butt, for now, enjoy the Rock F U C K 3 R


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