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How To Watch Movies On Meta Quest 2 Creating The Ultimate VR Cinema

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This how you watch movies on your Meta Quest 2 and turn your home nto the ultimate VR cinema. Watching 3D movies, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus in a theater with friends on the Oculus Quest 2 is truly next level and the best entertainment possible. With Bigscreen you can even do this while seated in a car or on a plane flight. Virtual reality and movies are a match made in heaven.

Bigscreen for Meta Quest

Bigscreen’s Remote Desktop Client

Firefox browser

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0:00 – Introduction
0:38 – What is Bigscreen
1:45 – Where to download Bigscreen
2:03 – Bigscreen’s Features
2:42 – Renting Movies in VR
3:07 – Watching 3D Movies in VR
3:43 – Free Movies and TV Channels
4:06 – Public and Private Rooms
4:34 – Choose your Movie Theater
4:54 – How to use a streaming service on Quest
6:47 – Trouble Shooting Tips
7:09 – How to watch VR movies on the road
8:34 – Final Thoughts

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Nathie says:

What movie or series are you going to watch in VR?

Alfy Beck says:

kinda terrifying but cool at the same time. vr will be so advanced there will be no reason to leave

Random Stuff says:

Nathie Never NEVER call It the " Meta Quest 2 "

Huck Adams says:

where do you download a movie.

iiMxllyYT says:

Thanks Nathie! I'm getting an Oculus Meta Quest 2 for christmas but i'm a little worried of the Facebook thing, And what are the regulations of the Facebook account stuff, I heard if Facebook notices something wrong they'll ban you, I have an account, I never used it but I don't know if they'll accept it. Can you explain more of that?

Me and a couple of thousand of people would appreciate it.

Randy Hightower says:

Are there any options for watching standard video in '3d' like 3d tv's used to have?

Jack Fox says:

Is "PC streaming to headset" the only way to watch movies from subscription services? 🤔 And can you use it to watch your Xbox/PS gameplay as if the console was HDMI'd to it?

Justin F says:

My oculus is super blury tho

SteelOnVR says:

Another Great Video!

mrmusicpro1 says:

It does not work for me because everything I click on the video player it just crashes

Alexander Kings says:

May somebody help me. It shows that it is connected. Audio works. But the video is not showing on bigsceen

Paradise Decay says:

Noice – Ready Player One

ツoOoNINJABOYoOo says:

I’m getting the oculus for Christmas does it not have an official YouTube and Netflix app?

Freiteez says:

I just hopped on today and someone had Tron Legacy 3D IMAX playing in a public room and I was wondering how they did that.

Mr. Bruh says:

How to I turn a movie into an mp4

DeadmawAlex says:

Is the big screen Remote Desktop app not working for any one else? It was working fine before they made it a different app

Walawalacookie says:

Thanks Nathie! I was trying to stream netflix to my headset with chrome and couldn't figure out why I wouldn't get any video but still got audio. Your tutorial is a huge help 😀

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