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Using AE for Canon R5C 3D 8K60 VR180 Cinema Raw Light Render for Meta Quest 2

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This video is a test to see if I could use Adobe After Effect 2022 to process this footage I captured with my Canon R5C with a Dual 5.2mm Lens, recorded in 8K60 with Canon’s Cinema RAW Light format in CLog-3. Currently, there are very few options to convert this raw footage into an equirectangular format for viewing on my Oculus Quest 2.

I recommend best viewing on your VR headset.

In AE, I split the footage into right and left half comps, then apply the VR Convert filter for each lens using the Fisheye option, then recombined both lenses into a final comp. I applied the Lumetri Filter to each half, setting LUT to ARRI Default 709 (CLog-2). This is the rendered result, which is far from perfect, but at least I can see the result of my capture.

This 2-minute clip took about 2 hours to render to H.264 on my I9 PC with NVidia 2070 graphics card when exported from AE to Adobe Media Encoder at Maximum Render Quality. For H.265, 5 hours.

This sample clip looks way better on my Quest 2 headset when this file is upload directly to it than this YouTube compressed version. I’ve also uploading to Oculus TV, but can’t seem to figure out how a viewer can get access to download the file to their Quest 2 cache for the best viewing experience. Here’s the Oculus TV link:

Performance is by Shelley Morningsong (vocalist) & Fabian Fontenelle (dancer) from Musical Echoes 2022.


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