Most BRUTAL Game I Ever Played..

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• I have never played Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 before and I know the game title is a mouth full, but their brutality with the kills in game are also a mouth full.. I hope you guys will enjoy todays gameplay and again a special thanks to all my YT members for supporting with a little bit extra!

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Devilik says:

this game is trash dude

Kid YD says:

bro you cant not love a good gory game

alan larson says:

I just went out and bought this game it looks like a badass game it's downloading it's a big game 78GB so it's taking forever

Simon Reliy says:

Bro I think u have not played manhunt 2

Chief of Times says:

And call of duty……was like this….noooo way dude this is next level stuff.

Jack Jay says: is from Poland Game Studio…Fact 2..ale like/love this game ..

Der Irre says:

Hey Buddy 🙂

monet gity says:

I want SOF double helix gore in current games

Michael McMaster says:

hey merp plz make more videos like this and Alex .your helping me with my depression and I really like your videos thank you I really appreciate it.. ugly man out!.

ARedRider BBGun says:

Just so you all know. That handgun he has is a cp-33. It’s a keltec. It’s a 22lr. It does not recoil like that lol

vladerlauder says:

Hei, can i request the next video ? You playing virtual game with chris?

Splifferdoo says:

Changed my mind merp, dangit im actually really enjoying it, keep up the great videos my dude 👍

Eli Akers says:

Plz play more of this!!!

Gerhard Boonzaier says:

Hey merp loved the video, so sorry I couldn't watch the other looks like I have some catching up to do, thank you for you're time and effort

epic Grimzilla Gaming says:

perfect game for sniper lovers

OnIxAryE says:

If cod and mk made a game together 😂

Timothy Bucci says:

Very clean…. gloves.

KoreanKingKo says:

What's up Merp! Been watching all your VR content for a while now, I can't believe I just found your youtube page! Thank you for all the amazing content!

Soggy potato says:

Yeah this game is pretty brutal 😂,sorry to ask again but is Medal of Honor coming soon?

yousef al3eep says:

اللعبه في غايه الروعه ي راجل

Cade Munro says:

Man this made me wanna play this again

StretchhGaming says:

Yeaaaaaaaaaa highlight of my day 😂😂😂

RadDad81 says:

I swear, I fully expected an endorsement for Raid: Shadow Legends… the intro had a more casual feel. The day I see an endorsement for that mobile game, I’m out

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