This GAME contains the most DISGUSTING plot twist I have ever seen!

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• Twelve Minutes is a Top Down Thriller that lets the player experience how it would be like to live within a loop of 12 minutes. The game is super refreshing and feels so different than any other game out there!
Do you die or reach the 12 minute mark, then everything will start over..
By watching this video you will uncover the story and throw up in your own mouth after finding out the plot twist..

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Conway's Detailing says:

Wow talk about messed up lol

Conway's Detailing says:

This game is frickin awesome

Neo Blaze says:

I feel like there was more things you could have done in the game for a better outcome. Like call the police as soon as you get home that way maybe the real cops can get there before he kills both of you. I wonder if there's a ending where you kill both of them and get away with it. I'm thinking about getting it now and testing some of these.

Dirt Sailor Off-Road says:

Ok I'm really confused now. What happened at the end?

CookieKing says:

Anyone else notice the carpet in the hall is from the shining


I like how it's semi hinted that this game is in the same universe as the shinning potentially.

st says:

You have an interesting voice what country are you from Holland?

Zepper 1089 says:

This reminds me of a friend who didn't know he married a cousin who was married into the family….not as disgusting as this, but fuck ha

Andrex_ says:

Merp i really love your videos plis do part 2

Springbok says:

Damn man what the fuck! This is one of those games which leave you in deep thought afterwards.

Brian Maiden says:

Willem Dafoe is playing the cop very nice !!

Scooter Cain says:

Yoooo that fuckin ending though! I watched Dashie play this, but he didn't finish it!

Embouk says:

Man…. that was crazy. What a plot twist!

Der Irre says:

Hey Buddy 🙂

Vincent Kaw says:

Damn the ending plot twist was mind blown🤯🤯🤯

daniel says:

plot twist: when you get a certain ending it says "Her" because its your sister

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