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Pro Tips: VR180 on ANY Camera FREE – Canon R5C, 2X Insta360 GO 2, RED V-Raptor or GoPro

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Learn how to create PRO-level VR180 film / video with ANY camera you already own! This workflow will work on the latest Canon EOS R5C, EOS R5, two Insta360 GO 2, two GoPro Hero 10 w/ Max Lens Mod, two Panasonic Gh6, and even the $25,000 RED V-Raptor 8K VV in 120fps!
I have been holding this secret technique for a while now and finally, I am sharing all my knowledge in this 25 minutes long in-depth tutorial! And the best part is that this workflow does not cost you anything! Oh yes, it is FREE!
We are using Mistika Boutique and Mistika VR. Let’s learn NOW:
📖Chapter List:
0:00 – Epic INTRO
1:52 – You NEED a VR headset for VR180 Editing
3:08 – 2X Insta360 GO 2 for VR180
3:45 – How to mount TWO GO 2 for 3D 180
5:00 – Insta360 GO 2 Camera Settings
5:33 – Why Insta360 GO 2 for VR180
5:52 – Mistika Boutique VR180 In-depth Tutorial
6:53 – Best VR180 Editing Computer: RAZER BLADE 15
8:25 – Mistika Config Tool Settings
10:00 – Fix different exposure between left and right eye – Match Color In Time
10:39 – Defish & 3D Calibration
12:58 – Review VR180 in Meta Quest 2 (DeoVR)
13:42 – How to remove vertical parallax (for better 3D)
15:37 – Output settings for VR180
17:02 – Edit Canon R5C VR180 in Mistika Boutique
19:04 – How to use my preset for Canon R5C VR180
20:19 – FASTEST render speed settings for Canon R5C Raw LT
20:52 – Edit RED V-Raptor VR180 in Mistika VR

⤵️ Mistika Stitching Template Download Links (FREE with LOVE 💗):
👉2x Insta360 GO 2 in 30fps:
👉2x Insta360 GO 2 in 50fps:
👉Canon EOS R5C w/ Dual Fisheye:
👉Canon EOS R5 w/ Dual Fisheye:
👉RED V-Raptor w/ Canon Dual Fisheye:
Just download ALL my Mistika Boutique / Mistika VR Template:

➜ Mistika Boutique: (Use discount code: creatorup_BT to receive 10% off for all paid versions. Educational Edition is FREE)
➜ NexiGo Meta Quest 2 Charging Dock:
➜ Meta Quest 2:
➜ Insta360 GO 2:
➜ Razer Blade 15 with Nividia RTX 3080Ti:
➜ Canon R5C:
➜ Canon R5:
➜ Canon RF 5.2mm f/2.8 L Dual Fisheye 3D VR Lens:
➜ The rail I used for rigging 2X GO2 in this video:
➜ My VR180 tripod:
➜ My VR180 quick release plate:
➜ SGO Mistika VR: (Use coupon code: creatorup – to receive 5% off)
➜ Mocha Pro & Continuum VR Unit. Plugins from Boris FX.
Visit: and enter coupon code: creatorup to receive 15% off

📜 VR180 Masterclass
👉 In-depth Review of EOS VR System:
👉 Review EOS VR in 8K 3D VR180:
👉 Canon R5C vs Canon R5:
👉 EOS VR vs FM DUO vs Z Cam K2Pro vs Insta360 EVO:
👉 How to Film VR180 with Canon EOS VR System:
Ep1 – Gears:
Ep2 – Camera Settings & Editing:
Ep3 – Edit VR180 w/ DaVinci Resolve 18:
Ep4 – Master Canon R5C in VR180:
Ep5 – Create 6DoF Video from VR180:

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➜ Facebook:
➜ Oculus TV:
➜ TikTok:


Hugh Hou says:

Friendly Reminder: Each Canon Dual Fisheye lens is different! This means the template calibrated based on my Canon R5C will be DIFFERENT from your setup! This is why you need to watch the manual 3D calibration part of 2X GO2 to remove vertical disparity issues! I skip that in R5C session as I covered that in detail in the GO2 part. If you have any other questions, please start a separate comment here and I will address them asap! Sorry for the confusion there. I hope all the templates are useful as your STARTING point to getting great 3D!

Sassaphrass says:

Hey Hugh, awesome video again. Quick question, any reason you switched from Boutique to VR for the Red Raptor? I use boutique normally and I just got a Raptor with the 5.2m Dual Fisheye lens. Curious if its just better to use Mistika VR rather than boutique for that camera

Mike F says:

I don't know where I'd be without your VR tutorials, Hugh – thank you!
I'm going to try Mistika with my 8K footage from my R5c – Resolve was taking over an hour per minute to render and my RTX 3090 can't cope with too many effects on too many clips and quickly crashes the program.
What I've been wondering, though, with only a couple of VR headsets (Pimax 8K) able to play 8K at full res and most headsets being between 2 and 4K resolution, is there much demand or necessity to render out at 8K?

NUMB3RL3SS says:

How do you get the two GO2s genlocked? Thanks for the great content!

Phil_enn says:

Appreciate this… definitely workflow changes for me in the future with the R5C… field tested in the desert last month and was having all kinds of craziness.

Terry van Brug says:

Thanks for the great video Hugh! I'm wondering if two gopro hero10's with max lens mod, recording a circular fisheye image, would give good results. I'm looking to upgrade from my vuze xr.

Sophia Fabing says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial ! Could we have the Canon R5C template mentioned at 19'10" ?

Fouzi Louahem says:

Great tutorial !!! Your videos come out at the right time for a project I'm working on. Did you put the mistika VR template available to download in the description ?. Thank you.

Shan X says:

Hi Hugh..🤣 liked your intro😍👍. Much awaited tutorial. Thank you .

Ratata Ta says:

Colorgrade, Colorgrade, Colorgrade – lol. Please.

ChelouteWoupWoup says:

Hi! Thanks for this video! Very interesting content!! Where did you find your go2 mount to get them aligned? I seqrched for it but never found such a good one.. and did you put the mistika vr template available to download? I didn’t see them
In the description 😬 thanks!!

활동사진MotionPicture says:

In the past, I left a comment saying thank you for giving Korean subtitles to the video.
I want to say thank you again today.
You are the best vr content YouTuber… No! I am a teacher.

예전에도 댓글로 영상에 한국어 자막을 해주셔서 감사하다고 글 남겼는데.

오늘도 또 감사하다고 말씀드리고 싶습니다.

당신은 최고의 vr콘텐츠 유튜버… 아니! 선생님 입니다.

Paul GF says:

Thanks Hugh, as usual very informative 👍👍👍

zurkram says:

Hugh, we need to know how to edit VR180 in Final Cut Pro, can you make a video on that?

Vanilla Gomez says:

The godfather of VR strikes again. Thank you Hugh for this much needed follow up to the Resolve workflow. This is definitely a better render option. I am getting about 10fps, which is 10X more than what I was getting with resolve lol Once my 5 minute test footage finishes I will check out the quality. Thanks again!

Immersive Experiences says:

Is it better to shoot with 2 Insta 360 Go than one Insta 360 One?

Rick Wang says:

Great tutorial!! Highly interested in learning how to color grade in Mistika Boutique! 😍

Isaac Deitz says:

Your videos come out at the right time for a project I'm working on, you've been walking me through the whole VR process and I super appreciate that.
You've taught me how to go from shooting VR, color grading it, exporting it and putting it on my oculus and it worked amazingly.
The next thing I'm trying to figure out is how to upload it to YouTube. I've seen one videos of yours on it, but the VR Creator for Google isn't working/available. What do I need to upload VR to youtube. That would be the last thing I need to learn on the chain of the workflow and then I'm all set.

Efrén González says:

hey Hugh great content on the channel. I've learned a lot from you over the last few months. please consider making a video on Spatial audio workflow in Davinci Resolved.

Elaztika VR says:

WOW, I already love the trailer! 🤓🤯
haha, funny ''turn off your beat saver.''
like that's all there is on a VR headset, and not exploring its true potential!
Can't wait to watch it 🕶🤠

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