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Reacting and Laughing to the videos YOU sent #22

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We react and laugh to the videos you have sent! Join us as we have some great laughs to the videos you sent in on the streams!

To send in your react and laugh video it’s done on Twitch –

Pot of Greed –
Time Traveling –
If I Pull Hard Enough? –
Big Nuts –
The Glitch –
MoistCr1tiKal as a D&D group –

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Levant says:

MoistCritical in triple stereo for that nat20 killed me

Burkhardt says:

Take an xray of a man's you wouldn't see anything because the Is no bones in the penis.

Jeremye Tremblay says:

I’m surprise that no one showed him a nikusa video from that fnf game mod yet

Joe The Juggalo says:

I love those YouTube channels of those guys playing rainbow 6. My favorite one is the one I believe is called "gamer girl in rainbow 6" or "how to pick up girls in rainbow 6. Something like thst

walter roche says:

Dancing Lich.. Every Skyrim playthrough!!! 🤣🤣🤣

DarthLMR says:

Dude watching Mcnasty clips is a crossover I did not expect

Silverr says:

oh yeah, nagzz definitely needs to watch more goons clips they're hella funny

UnfairBalloon7 says:

You would think since the recent Red Dead Redemption game being called Red Dead Redemption 2 that he should think that there would be a first game, I mean who starts at 2?

Marine Admiral Jeronimo says:

I see nagYou 🤗🤗🤗

eddebrock says:

We just gonna ignore that he called Link 'Zelda'?

netter11 says:

Hi Twitch Chat! Please be strong and make united front so Nagzz would feed you guys!

Ninjahaz 01 says:

Hi twitch chat

Shroom1Up says:

WOW chat is slacking . nagzz called link zelda and not a single roast from chat

mioismoe says:

Man I haven't watched that Womble video in years.

Rolasu Draygan says:

5:33 killed me and the charlie clip was * chefs kiss *

JaksonRanger says:


TKB wanfor says:

4:32 by far my favourite goons clip, really need to start watching them again

Nelson D says:

holy, that womble video made me laugh so hard. what's wrong with me

Endmonaut says:

the Charlie impression was spot on lmao

Nagzz21 desk slams says:

14:03 Desk kun -10 hp
16:50 Desk kun -10 hp

Purple says:

4:32 woah its the goons
edit: and grizzy

MainGoldDragon says:

Corridor Digital AND Mother F'king Soviet Womble ???????? Dat's a good co-host !!!!

Radio Operator says:

Ngl that nuts thing is super sus.

Flarestormx says:

Womble would make a good joker

Norrikan says:

shrug "Bards." is the most real D&D thing I've heard in a while.

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