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Reacting and Laughing to the videos YOU sent #23

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We react and laugh to the videos you have sent! Join us as we have some great laughs to the videos you sent in on the streams!

To send in your react and laugh video it’s done on Twitch –

The Confession 3 –
Aimbot –
Japan Commercial –
1337 Speak –
Roxys Password –
Just kill me then –
Santa is Captured –
For the Plot –

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Shirou Emiya says:

Game of life 2 is pretty good.

BB Breakfast Box says:

im unsubbing, i love nagzz and i know these are mostly for twitch but i liked watching the highlights more and if its just more of this then i dont really want it in my feed.

BNuts says:

Mousey meeting everyone in VR was in the recommendeds.

Eq_NightGlider_ says:

They need to send him more Roxy videos

The Delusionist says:

Please someone send in the Dr. Tran Toy store video!

Veritas MoD says:

Nagzz, as a Seminarian, I'm both laughing my ass and disappointed with how you described the Sacrament of Penance. XD

De Re Antiqua says:

11:12 The LITERAL cyber police! xD

Trevor Ghalt says:

Why do I feel like Nagzz wanted Roxy onlyfans🤣 also he could have been the hero to defeat the Lich

Jeremye Tremblay says:

I’m surprise no one showed him any of the suction cup man’s episodes yet

Churros says:

I like how nagzz thinks highly of his YouTube audience

Marine Admiral Jeronimo says:

Was that nagNose 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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