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RIDE 4 vr 360 videos virtual reality part 2 #mvr360 #vr360 #vr #360video #ride4

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The realism and hundreds of bikes in RIDE 4 will get your competitive soul pumping. UPDATED CONTENTS Ride on dozens of tracks around the world with an astonishing level of detail by choosing from hundreds of officially licensed bikes!
Welcome to MVR 360, a place to feel the future.
Have you ever tried virtual reality? If you are new to V R, don’t worry, this video will
help you to become a professional in no time.
Let me show you how to take control.
If you are viewing this on computer, click and drag the video to rotate your
perspective and observe 360-degree view.
If you are viewing on a mobile device.
Firstly, make sure that you are using updated YouTube application. Then, turn your
device around to rotate your perspective.
I bet you got it. Now, we are ready. Why don’t you
try turning around?


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