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S2E23: [Art and Lonnie] HoloDec – The Virtual Reality Experience | ABOUT THAT WALLET PODCAST

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The HoloDec started with a vision, then 1 computer and a VR headset in a 6ft by 6ft room, to a second room and now in a 3,000 sq. ft. building! Becoming the FIRST, if not the only, Black Owned Virtual Reality center in the United States!

Lonnie had a vision of the future and wanted to give his mother an experience as she was getting older. He wanted to show her the possibilities that are out there. In 2017, Lonnie team up with Art to help expand his passion project into a business. Art focused on the Real Estate, Business Plan, Marketing, Cashflow, etc. In 2018, They started with a small group to test out the concept of the business before the full official launch of the program in 2019!

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