Six Flags Great Adventure: Superman the Ultimate Flight on Ride Front Row POV 1080p

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Superman: The Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. This B&M Roller Coaster will take you on the ultimate flight as you will “fly” up a chainlift hill at 106 feet and drop 100 feet at a maximum flight speed of 51 MPH. This video features an on ride perspective of Superman the Ultimate Flight from Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. While this video may not have the best view as you’re mostly looking at the ground below you, this is the actual ride experience.

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ben dover says:

this looks like someone took their shitty drone over the six flags parking lot

Yulia Vredna says:

B4 ride, empty all pockets.

Khamsone Khounkhamtan says:

Me: Rode on this and felt like goku.

Superman: Am i a joke to you?

Lol lover says:

They took this one down with all the others it was soooo saddd

Jace Henderson says:

1:14, didn’t know mario was gonna be on the ride.

the bossy. Gurl says:

We literally have the same thing at six flags over Georgia 😂😂

GreenUp Sway says:

I love six flags in going tomorrow

justwatchingvids says:

I rode all the coasters but El Toro and Kingda Ka and this one screwed me up the most. Just the seating made me genuinely terrified for my life…


It was so scary i was screaming like a 3 year old that got uts sucker steped on 😂😂😂

denis fletes says:

This is the same roller coaster as manta from sea world only that this rollercoaste is about manta

Juan Veliz123 says:

the cool part is the it looks like you were flying

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