Superman ride at Six Flags in Maryland

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Superman at Six Flags America in Maryland.


selxerc says:

The first YouTube video i ever watched.

TNT Plumbing says:

It’s called Six Flags America

Boy of the Millennium Force says:

2019 anybody?!

Better says:

Track needs an repaint

Lilly villatoro Starsmoon says:

Omg I went on it and I was lol ready scared and I couldn’t get off my seat and I was like I didn’t wanna go and then people were like sorry we out of electricity I was omg ty I got so lucky

This guy Dannyyy says:

The First Six Flags Video Uploaded To Youtube

Roniya Alston says:

I'm riding that Saturday in Six Flags I'm so scared

iamYADA says:

this was the first rollercoaster out of DOZENS that i almost passed out on. that drop is no joke!

the invisible Girl says:

I'm going to six flags with my summer camp next week, and I don't k ow if I want to ride this ride or not.. It looks terrifying but so much fun

Erik M says:

best ride ever. used to go on this all the time

LegendaryAbyss says:

I was there last year lol. I was to scared to go.. If i go back im 100% going on that ride!

Chase The pup says:

It look scary

LeagueOfWars16 says:


Johnny D Rocks says:


Alexa logo says:

I went on this and it wasn't scary

Daniel Cafaniel says:

How did a potato quality recording of half a ride make 5 million views?

Andrea Colon says:

i the superman ride is cray cray i woild not go on it

Mike Baron says:

This ride looks awesome

rajiv mangal says:

Lol dis was scary as he'll

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