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The Dawn of Art: A Virtual Journey Inside Chauvet Cave

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Explore the Chauvet Cave 36,000 years ago, with Daisy Ridley’s voice as your guide. It’s in the Ardèche gorges, in the south of France, that our ancestors drew humanity’s first masterpieces, giving life to their beliefs. Maybe you will also meet the cave bear…

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The Chauvet Cave in Ardèche, France, hosts some of the oldest cave drawings in the world. The cave has been sealed off to the public since its discovery in 1994, to prevent damage to the millenia old artworks.

The Syndicat mixte de l’Espace de restitution de la grotte Chauvet (SMERGC) and Google Arts & Culture partnered to digitally preserve this ancestral treasure and to give everyone an immersive access to the cave. Together we bridge 36.000 years of human history by joining state of the art technology and some of the oldest cave paintings left behind by our ancestors.


Discover the inspirational moments, iconic people, and artistic wonders that are available at the tip of your fingers. Google Arts & Culture allows you to immerse yourself in culture with 360 views, zoom in to reveal the secrets of a masterpiece, take behind the scenes tours of palaces and museums, watch kids explain famous paintings to art experts, and so much more. Art changes the way we see the world and the way we see each other, so we invite you to come and expand your horizons with us.

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