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Underground – Lindsey Stirling || Mixed Reality #9ksubscriber

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Mapped 4 years ago by Awagi –
Map Link:

Another round of thanks for my subscribers! I hope watching me inspires you to move in this game in such a way that sparks joy. This is the only fitness regimen that has worked for me, and I think it would work for many of you, also.

This is me coming back to this map after not having played it in over 6 months – for reasons that are very uninteresting, but mostly out of my control. I do miss a number of blocks, but I’m happy with my 100% genuine performance (which has been difficult to reproduce since). I think @lindseystirling and I have great synergy – she’s playing the violin while she dances, and I’m playing Beat Saber. Likewise, I think this is great progress from where I started with this song and dancing in the game in general.

Safety Notes:
I have been playing for almost 2 years and am trained and conditioned for dance/fitness in the game. I started off simple with sidesteps, squats, and lunges and as I got more comfortable in my space and movements, moved on to faster, more complex rhythms by hopping and skipping in place. The disappearing arrows modifier (in many of my videos, including this one) has been the biggest help, as it allows my brain to fill in the gaps with dance/movement and keep my eyes farther out, allowing me to prepare more easily for my next move. While it doesn’t necessarily help my accuracy, it aids in allowing me to play more safely.
Additionally, in terms of equipment, I play on a yoga mat for a little cushion and some tactile sensitivity so I can feel where I am in the real world and come back to center without looking down at my feet. It’s secured to the floor so there’s no chance of me slipping. I play with socks on to give me some extra grip, which also forces me to hop and pivot from my toes. If you’re interested in any other equipment I use, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll give you some links. I highly suggest using the same safety measures I use before attempting to do anything I do.

Thanks for watching, everybody!

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