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Just like how school ERP software changed the way administrative tasks were managed years ago, immersive learning is the need of today for it has the power to make learning better than ever. V.R. headsets is playing an important role in education where learners gets all the benefits of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality in the classroom which help raise the engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages
India’s New National Education Policy (NEP) and Atal Innovation Mission (Atal Tinkering Lab) is seen as the most ambitious reforms initiated in recent times. With sweeping changes in pedagogy, teaching methodology, implementing technology and innovation based learning, foster creativity and developing scientific temper, the education sector is witnessing a seminal moment.
Rise of Education Technology
Education technology is climbing fast in India, pushing the boundaries of traditional teaching. Emerging technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and innovative gamification techniques are creating an entirely new learning environment. This has led to cutting edge blended learning, adaptive learning, 3d immersive learning, global corporate giants giant like Google,Facebook, are investing in education in various field of teachers training, digital learning, online well being , augmented reality and partnered with CBSE to provide a certified program in “Blended Learning Experience” benefiting all-students, over 22,000 educational institutions.
This new order of Education has inspired Schools, Educators and Students to rethink the future of learning and education. Teachers, students and parents have become more focused on upgrading and up-skilling themselves with technology driven solution, flexible and collaborative learning,
Immersive Learning – Revolutionizing the Learning Process
Here’s everything you need to know about immersive learning and how it is changing the world of education.
A- Immersive Learning brings together Classroom and technology solutions, immersive learning provide experience in an innovative manner where learning will be Fun, Edutaining and Futuristic.
B- The present day world is powered with technology and filled with more distractions than ever! It is a technique that uses an artificial environment for learning. It not only eradicates distractions but also kills monotony in the process of Learning and Development, by providing stimulating visualizations.
C- Immersive learning is a technique that makes use of an artificial or simulated environment through which the learners can become completely immersed in the learning process. It has the potential to bring abstract learning scenarios to life, thus making real the very important, but difficult task of recreating interactions for the learners.
D- Immersive learning allows learners to control the outcomes by connecting them with real experiences, but in a safer environment. In addition to improving engagement levels, it also boosts their motivation as they get to be in charge of the virtual world they’re in. Another interesting feature is that it provides a highly interactive environment for users, both virtually and physically. With this, you can virtually recreate various physical environments that cannot be accessed within the walls of a classroom. The virtual content is so galvanizing that it leaves a huge impression on the psyche of a learner.
Star Chart – with over 20 million users this app brings the universe a little closer. Students can learn about constellations by aiming their phones at the night sky. There are additional features that allow students to interact with facts about planets and space discovery.
Google Translate – while conventional Google Translate may not sound like a VR app, its new camera feature students can translate 30 languages by aiming their camera at a Student can watch in real time as the text is translated. This additional feature is great for language student
Cleanopolis– Fighting climate change becomes interactive with this app. Students learn about CO2 and battle along with Captain Clean to save the world. Not only is this a fun game but the educational quality would make it great in any science classroom.
Public Speaking VR – practice the skills of public speaking with this immersive VR experience. With photorealistic environments, students can prepare for a job interview of a class presentation.
Quiver – Watch colored in creations come to life with Quiver. Though VR technology, 2D images become 3D and “walk “off the page. Ideal for younger students.
Boulevard – Art classes can now be supplemented with visits to some of the world’s best art museums. Students can tour six art museums, interact with famous artworks and learn about the art, all thanks to the advancements of VR technology
and many more


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