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VR ART | How to do Mandala Art in Virtual Reality | Tilt Brush |

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Hello Creatives

Welcome to Weds Mandala Art today I am drawing a Mandala pattern in Virtual Reality .Something I have been experimenting with in coming up with different looks to create mandala art in virtual reality . In future episodes I’ll be creating more Mandala art and bringing you some unique looks to this traditional art form.

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If you like to create your own Mandala drawings I have a book where you can create your own drawings using the simple template featured inside of the book , its very helpful and comes inside of a frame so you can cut it out after and hang on the wall or upload to social media.

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If you like to colour I have a Mandala colouring for both adults and children very relaxing to do and keeps the kids occupied for hours !!.

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Mental Health Awareness..
I have made a special Mental Health mood tracker diary for you to write in your daily feelings, gratitude’s, goals , and how you slept, plus there are breathing exercises for you to do to help in focus and relaxing plus there are art therapy Zentangle patterns for you to draw with reference sheets to inspire you plus , I have Zentangle Pattern playlists on this channel to further your inspiration.

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