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VRAcademi Learn to Build your Metaverse, Create your Art, Immersive Films & Games in Virtual Reality

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VRAcademi is an inspirational project with Aggelos for children who want to create their own Metaverse. We are the world’s 1st online live platform for learning VR! Learn in live online classes and master Creative Design, Digital Art, Filmmaking, 3D Game Development with Virtual Reality. Make and Sell your Digital Art with VRAcademi as NFT.

Start now! There is nothing more exciting than creating your own games using technology to bring your imagination to life! In this course, the children will bring their virtual universe to life in 3D and they will understand the principles of creative and digital design, art, filmmaking, programming in C# in Unity and 3D game development and Virtual Reality.

Aggelos is a 12 year’s student of and in a few months he published his 1st interactive 3D game built in his own Metaverse on OculusQuest2 platform. While also fighting a rare autoimmune disorder and being on chemotherapy, Aggelos has used his time to interact, create and collaborate in VR.

Students of VRAcademi Learn the key skills in digital art creative design thinking, 3D visualisation, 360 filmmaking and interactive game development in our unique design oriented curriculum and master creativity and various software, including programming for VR in Unity.

The students along with their parents will learn to mint their digital creations and virtual metaverse into NFTs and monetise their assets.

Do you have a little Spielberg at home? Or a digital Picasso? Or maybe a true game-lover that is always dreaming of the next level up?

Then you are in the right place! Make your child the creator of their future.
Learn to design with VR and convert your creation as NFT.

Creative Design, Digital Art and Virtual Reality ● Immersive Movie/Film Making and Virtual Reality ● 3D Game Development and Virtual Reality ● Minting NFTs

VRAcademi is a world-class inclusive digital academy focused on expanding imagination through creative and VR education and using NFTs to empower their creativity.

Learn to make your own Metaverse like Ready Player One and make your own VR games and Environment.

Start now! Jump to the next level! Bring virtual spaces to life in 3D and learn the principles of game development and Virtual Reality in order to create your own games. In this course you will learn the key skills in digital art, 3D visualisation and interactive game development

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