What has NASA's Cassini seen during its Grand Finale?

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In two days time, Cassini will reach the last stage of its Grand Finale when it enters Saturn’s atmosphere. Leading up to this moment, Cassini has been approaching the planet closer than it ever has done before. What has it seen and discovered during this time?

In this video, I showcase the shepherd moons, rings, and planet of Saturn, giving context to the things Cassini has imaged during the Grand Finale.

Just to mention in case it isn’t clear in the video, all the imagery in this video is real images taken by Cassini during the Grand Finale. The only imagery which is CGI is the animations where Cassini is in the shot.

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Image Credits:
Artist’s Impression of Saturn – Mrs Kayros Art – https://www.facebook.com/mrs.kayros.art

Music Credits:
Obscured – Mark LaFountain – https://soundcloud.com/mindveneration
A Walk Into Space – Topher Mohr & Alex Elena


Vince Filiccia says:

Those images of the moons just don’t look quite right

JohnjacobsJHS says:

NASA is overpaid. These people live three times better than the average worker. With benefits up their Wazoo.

Laishram Leader says:

1:33– Am I seeing a face or am I just ………

Terrence Coughlan says:

My cell phone lost connection talking to my sister who is vacationing in Mexico that is some satellite

Ronda Kelly says:

Those are not duct particles, but ice crystals.

C W says:

Who in the world thumbs down your videos. Must be some really sick people

Tiger One says:

"The arching sky is calling
Spacemen back to their trade.
And the lights below [me] fade. …

"[I] pray for one last landing
On the globe that gave [me] birth;
Let [me] rest [my] eyes on the fleecy skies
And the cool, green hills of Earth –. . . ."
…. b u r n s u p
[Robert A. Heinlein, paraphrased]

Jayce MacInnis says:

Farewell to the Cassini spacecraft

Greg Rishel says:

The inside of a closet somewhere in bumbfucked Egypt ?

Skytrooper Ninja says:

Or camera around all our planets. Live feed. Of space. Dope

Skytrooper Ninja says:

We should have satellites with camera that show the 🌎 and certain planet's spinning around the sun. 24/7

Adam Smith says:

Thank you Cassini, you have helped us. You are a fine robot. You have helped us understand the universe and you have helped us for future space travel. Thanks.

Ivan M says:

Video low Rez with sound ?????

Kirk Luttrell says:

Very Inspiring! I love your work!

Asuka Langley Soryu says:

It would really help if you stated miles instead(or adjacent to) when calculating distance. A HUGE chunk of viewers here seem to be American, so why always in kilometers??? These videos are fantastic other than the measurements you default to; we don't use the metric system here. 🙁

JAY says:

hope its okay to snapshoot the design here at 3.32.

Forsaken 1 says:

All i see are future moons as the center one becoming a planet big enough to suck in any moons the rings make or having multiple moons

Miroslav K. says:

Considering our specie I think there is little we can be proud of. Scientific achievements and the art is likely the only two areas which makes me feel proud about us as we fail in every other aspect all the time. What this "metal and plastic box" (as somebody called this amazing machine) did is what make me feel proud about us. We can do so much with so little investment in science that it makes me cry when I see military budgets every year worldwide. Thank you Cassini for an amazing job you did despite you was just a "metal box with some metal sticks" as another genius mentioned lines below. You was a marvelous creation of human genius and you gave us much more than we have expected from you, people who designed and carried out this project are amazing team of incredibly skilled individuals acting as a one of the best mission teams NASA ever had. Thank you guys for that and thank you Cassini for what you did.
Just a one comment – title of the video says: "What has NASA's Cassini seen during its Grand Finale?". Unfortunately it looks like we'll have to look for answer somewhere else? What about letting us know what final data Cassini sent back like a composition of the atmosphere? density? temperature? This video is nice but not concluded.

canvas11xD says:

NASA should work with Samsung and apple to develop a camera for a satellite.

Ethan Greer says:

The camera system went bad hence why there are no actual images from Cassini's descent.

Shaun Jacci says:

So it wasn't built in Russia

remote5555 says:

That is some accomplishment.

Hemp Rope says:

Imagine being the metal molecule that made cassini.

You experienced the birth of the universe, got blasted out of the sun, lodged deep inside the earth for billions of years, and got dug up by some strange chemical reactions who call themselves humans.

After all this, you're drilled together with some other metal molecules and blasted off to a gas giant, where you orbit it for about twenty years, and then fall into it.

You will now spend the next few billion years as a gas particle deep inside a violent, stormy ball of gas. After which you will come together with the rest of the solar system into one extremely tight black hole. You will then die as you dissolve into subatomic particles who will eventually come back together to restart the process a few thousand times before the universe dies.

Peter Crossley says:

It is a bit irritatin listenin to someone who doesn’t pronounce “ing” and talks of the “amount of” instead of the “number of” rings.

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