What were the final images NASA's Cassini ever took?

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In 2017, Cassini ended its mission by disintegrating in Saturn’s atmosphere. What were the final images it ever took? GET NORDVPN: https://nordvpn.org/astrum USE COUPON CODE: astrum USE THE CODE SO YOU CAN GET 70% off 3-year plan + 1 additional month FREE.
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Carlos C says:

4:38 A horned dragon with his mouth open.

Jack Jackson says:

das ist fantastish. Computer made all pictures

Garbagebandit DayZ says:

These probes aren’t living things but I feel bad for them for some reason. The Voyager probes as well as Cassini are a great example. The Voyagers only have 4-5 years left until their nuclear batteries run out and we lose contact with them forever. Of the 11 scientific instruments mounted on both Voyager 1 and 2. Only 4/5 are being used to conserve as much power as possible, as time passes each instrument will be turned off until inevitably the probes run out of power and lose all communication with Earth. The Voyagers as well as the Pioneer probes will most likely outlive humanity as they hurtle through space a 60,000mph headed for other galaxies which they won’t encounter for a 1,000,000 years or so. Very strange to think that these analogue probes from the late 1970s with less computing power than a modern day cell phone will be humanities last reminder. Rambling is fun.

Paige Chicklo says:

It's almost like Casini was a person who sacrificed themself for humanity…. it's attempt to survive was almost sentient….and so sad! (But now I see similar commentary.) Someday humanity made need to grapple with the rights of the rights of sentient AI…we should be already be recognizing animal/nonhuman sentience rights but we don't even respect the rights of each other.

thestarsinsideus 83 says:

Final picture is around 6:12

los angel says:

Why they never show what really happen always computer generated.foh

Trevor Dawson says:

Shout-out to that Cassini/Nascar camera guy

Kris Komar says:

Great video!

Kool Burn says:

3:50. Why does the top of Saturn look like a hexagon?

Rikhat Jawi sinengrat says:

Anjg gak ngerti gua bahasa nya

carbuncle1977 says:

why they don't they just send it out of our solar system and let it wander through space instead of destroying it.

Jon D says:

Soooo…we officially littered on another planet!?!

Jonathan Rubio Arias says:

Why am I crying? :/

Konstanley Jerknov says:

At 5:03 how do you determine the front and back of that moon? Who made that determination and why is it not the other way around?

D Scott Burry says:

Please get these nasty democrats off You Tube ads. PLEASE

Martin XYZ says:


Deepak kachhawa says:

great video

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