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Augmented and Virtual Reality with Timoni West (Unity) | January 2022

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Join’s host Stephanie Zielinski and AR/XR analyst Gia Mattu as they interview Timoni West – VP of AR/VR at Unity. Learn about Timoni’s journey to working in XR; Unity’s growth and recent acquisition of Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital; and the role of XR within society as it progresses.

Unity is the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content.

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Shoutout
1:56 – Timoni’s Background and Intro to Unity
3:51 – What’s a work day at Unity?
5:16 – Shift from Product Design to XR
6:48 – First experience with VR glasses
8:00 – Are we going to see the film industry adopt more interactive XR experiences?
10:54 – How does XR solve problems in retail?
13:35 – Is there a particular field with rapid growth w.r.t XR?
16:16 – What are some successful XR companies?
19:24 – How would Unity define the Metaverse?
22:58 – How are computers making sense of the world?
25:52 – Where should one start as a developer on Unity?
27:10 – What can we do to reduce people’s resistance towards AR/VR products?
30:18 – Can we create one massive metaverse instead of many small ones?
32:12 – Do you think that VR should simulate reality at every level and are there any alternatives to AR/VR?
34:56 – What are the challenges that developers face when making augmented reality experiences and what tools are available on the Unity platform to overcome some of these challenges?
37:25 – The Unity Reflect Suite
39:27 – Advice on approaching contextual design
42:46 – Is customization a solution in XR?
44:47 – What might stop the VR dystopia from happening?
50:05 – The ideal use of computers
54:03 – Interview Wrap-Up
54:36 – Outro


Gia Mattu:
Timoni West:

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