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Augmented Reality Contact Lenses! 👁 The Future of Intergalactic Travel 👽 & MORE 🚨

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We take a look at the world’s 1st Augmented Reality Contact Lense 👁 This is a revolutionary technology that may end up being your next favorite Christmas Present 🤯 [ 04:06 ] We also get into the future of Intergalactic Traveling and if humans are meant to be a multi planetary species 👽 [ 48:43 ] Also we address the tragedy at Astroworld and what it means for the future of festivals and Travis Scott’s career 😢 [ 22:04 ] Kanye’s interview and whether you think he’s a futurist genius or just a crazy man with a mic 🎤 [ 33:54 ] & MORE with special guest, the voice of God, Quinn! 🚨

00:00 – Quinn’s Intro
04:06 – Futuristic AR Contact Lenses
18:12 – Cell Phone Will Be Outdated SOON!
22:04 – Travis Scott Astroworld Tradgety
26:50 – Tavis Scott Doesn’t care about you
33:54 – Kanye West Drink Champs Interview Reaction
48:43 – The Future of Intergalactic Travel
1:00:55 – Reed Thanks the Tomorrow Boyz Fam

Welcome to the World’s 1st METACAST 🥽💫

We GUARANTEE you won’t find another show like this on the Internet! Tomorrow Boyz is next step in the evolution of podcasting 🌎

Get to know us! We’re Reed & Ian, two friends on a mission to revolutionize podcasting with Virtual Reality 360 Video🔬🚀

This is Tomorrow Boyz “ The Metacast of Tomorrow”

Come kick it with us as we fly through a dimension called the “REEDality”, while chopping it up and experiencing something that can only be described as: indescribable.

Every episode we start off with a new topic about the future, technology, or society, etc., and we make predictions about what we think the future will hold.

We also get into Hip Hop & Rap Music, Anime, and NBA basketball

So, if you’re ready to step into the future, then come kick it with us! We saved you a seat 💯

New episodes come out EVERY WEEK ☀️ as well as clips from each episode 🗣

TOMORROW BOYZ is also available in audio form on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

#AugmentedReality #IntergalacticTravel #Futurism


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