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Laser Beam Scanning for Augmented Reality Wearable Applications

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One of the key challenges for augmented reality is the development of ultra-compact, lightweight, low-power near-to-eye display solutions with good image quality. Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) technologies can meet these key requirements and deliver form-factors that enable light weight, fashionable, all-day wearable AR smart glasses with the ability to scale resolution and field-of-view (FoV) with low power consumption. In this session, we will briefly highlight the key technologies and solutions behind LBS that enable AR smart glasses, as well as more complex mixed reality HMD devices, including MEMS Micromirror scanners systems, laser diode modules, waveguides and LBS systems design considerations. Finally, we will briefly touch upon the ecosystem that supports end product manufacturers with key technologies and devices.

Speaker: Bharath Rajagopalan, Director of Strategic Marketing at STMicroelectronics, STMicroelectronics

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